A High Yield, Shallow Resource 
Focused Company

Cradle Gold is focused on realizing the untapped and overlooked gold potential of the Witwatersrand Gold Basin. 

Through the implementation of progressive staff and community engagement models, that place people at the centre of what we do, and with a focus on low capex requirement shallow gold resources, the company is revitalizing gold production in South Africa.
Cradle Gold has secured the Middelvlei, and ERPM mines which combined represent a resource of 54.7 Moz. 

The company is also currently evaluating a number of other exciting opportunities against its project selection framework and continues to grow its portfolio of projects.


Low OPEX Operations

Our shallow resources have been selected to allow for low OPEX operations that enable:
Quick time to face for staff
Reduced costs of haulage
No or low cooling required
Low cost pumping
Simple ventilation

Shallow Resources

Cradle Gold is focused on resources above 1200 meters below surface which offer superior operating conditions and returns.

Low CAPEX Requirement

Cradle Gold leverages existing infrastructure including: Shafts, Plant, Deposition Road and power to drive down CAPEX, time to revenue and project risk.

People First

Shallow mining means greatly reduced geotechnical risks and safer operations.

High Margin

Cradle Gold targets production at an AISC of <$800/oz.


Cradle Gold targets resources with an in situ minable grade of ≥ 4g/t

Unlocking the Vast Potential of the
World’s Most Prolific Gold Field

The Witwatersrand Gold Basin needs to be looked through a new lens.

In the rest of Africa a 1 Moz gold deposit is considered a significant find, yet there are numerous, extensively explored deposits in South Africa that are overlooked. 

Gold majors have vast amounts of capital committed to their existing projects and have highly specialised skills
and corporate structures geared to massive underground projects. 

Cradle Gold, with its flexibility, low overhead, progressive people centric approach and team, focused on smaller projects with resources below the major miners’ cut-off grades, is positioned for growth well beyond the projects it currently owns.

A People-Centric Approach to Mining

Cradle Gold’s team has a track record of designing operational procedures around the needs of staff resulting in greater productivity and employee engagement.

For example, we find that 12 hour shifts from 8 to 8 allow our staff the greatest levels of rest and family time. All staff on our mines have direct access to management by mobile phone.

A Shared Value Approach to Mining

Cradle Gold’s staff are incentivized so that they share in the success of our business. We reinvest in our people and the communities around our operations. 

We take time to understand the real needs of the communities in which we operate so we can maximise our positive impact beyond job creation and regulatory compliance.

A Vision of 
Continuous Growth

Cradle Gold brings a new approach to mining that is creating sustainable jobs. Our approach ensures the transfer of skills and continuous learning and development of our people and communities which is key to our longevity and success.

Well know resources exist and are available in the Witwatersrand Basin, but innovative approaches are required to bring them to account profitably, successfully and sustainably. 

Our approach has people, upliftment and education at its core.

Low CAPEX Requirement by Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

Cradle Gold uses easily accessible, world-class infrastructure, available in the Witwatersrand Basin, to reduce the initial CAPEX required for new projects, enhance shareholder returns and reduce the risk of delayed project start up.
Cradle Gold is focused on realizing the untapped and overlooked gold potential of the Witwatersrand Basin.
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